The Emerging Middle Class is a rapidly-growing global market of consumers newly entering the middle income group

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Asia contributes to 85% of the growth of the global Emerging Middle Class

Potential of the EMC consumer

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The EMC population is expected to touch 3.5bn in 2030. This immense opportunity remains untapped by many multinational corporations as the EMC population has very different needs from traditional middle-class customers.


A day in the life

The EMC Consumer

EMC consumers living in different parts of the world, have different contexts and aspirations, and hence have different needs in comparison to the traditional customers

IN: India          ID: Indonesia          PH: Philippines        VN: Vietnam

The population of Unskilled Labour surveyed in 2014 includes General Labour, Agriculture, and Domestic Helper jobs

Examples of EMC consumers

Understanding the EMC Consumer Mindset


EMC consumers aspire to emerge from the poverty cycle to enjoy better means of living

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Eden Strategy Institute 2014 survey of emerging middle class consumers in Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Philippines (n=4,000)

The World of EMC

About the EMC Initiative

About the Initiative

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Eden Strategy Institute is convening a series of in-depth EMC market immersions and joint innovation labs in 2014-15 for multinational corporations, to enable best-of-breed partnerships to develop Asia's EMC markets. Please contact us to express your organization's interest in participating.